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Likewise with their attack on the phrase “survival of the fittest.” This is not how evolutionary scientists generally describe evolution, and the term was actually coined not by Charles Darwin, but by Herbert Spencer who was writing about his ideas of economics and likening them to Darwin’s Natural Selection.“Fittest” in this manner is a misnomer because what’s considered ‘fit’ in one environment may prove to be a serious disadvantage in another.“I find a nebula beautiful therefore it was designed” and “how can you possibly think we are animals” only shows the egocentric nature of creationist thought.

Evolution explains why organisms have such DNA and anatomical similarities.To this day, a cottage industry that purports to “debunk” evolution exists in the form of books, lectures, videos, and even creation museums.

began it was just another talent hunt show, but today it is respected and regarded as your ticket to success and greatness – frankly we can’t even deny that.… continue reading »

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"In between takes, we were at a bridal shop, so I was looking around and "I was like, 'This is convenient!… continue reading »

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