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04-Apr-2018 13:13

It seemed that "run whether or not user is logged on" (or something like that) broke, and I had to change it to run under my account instead of "system".

At that point, I got a command prompt window slammed onto my desktop every time that it ran, so I killed that.

I had one laptop failing on me when trying to update WD through Windows Update.

I think I had to completely remove installed definitions and redownload them again.

And this is automatic, I don't have to go to Windows Updates to get the latest Windows Defender update.

There may or may not be intraday auto updates for Windows Defender virus definitions, but just having it update when I boot up my computer in the morning is very desirable. The laptop computer, when I look at the virus definition under "Update", I see that it is usually a day or 2 old.

I solved it by d/l ing the definitions manually & installing them.

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The desktop computer works well, Windows Defender updates its virus definitions about when I log on in the morning, so always updated for the day.

I'm not sure exactly how it works but I'm sure there must be some sensible algorithm in it to decide what's best for the particular computer WD is running on. Definitions are updated every few minutes, but with upcoming ATP, it will be every few seconds.

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