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Rihanna would not be Rihanna if she slept in and got high all the time, so we can eliminate her from the subject matter immediately. While “Hotline Bling” is about the audacity of an ex getting dressed up and going out with her friends after he moved away/they broke up, this echoes a similar sentiment (“I was only gone for the last few months / But you don’t have to wait on me”) in that Drizzy’s wrestling with his feelings, but knows it’s over. Drake, a man who is rightfully bragging about her in a song intended to make his nemeses feel stupid and small.

And while he’s still having a pout, he’s lamenting a little less. Which is how they should feel if Rihanna is not sitting next to them. There’s a lot happening on this track, but none of it heart-centric.

As a love letter to Drizzy’s hometown of Toronto, the album is rich in local references, and details how the city shaped Drake’s persona, his music, and who he’s become in the wake of monumental success.

Which is how we justified combing through each track on and trying to find Rihanna somewhere. Our best friend.“Keep The Family Close”Stand-out lyric: “All of my ‘let’s just be friends’ are friends I don’t have anymore / Guess that’s why they say you need family for”Is it about Rihanna? Considering this is a song about complete and utter betrayal (or just making Drake mad — who can be sure), we know it takes Rihanna out of the mix. Rihanna would never betray Drake because Rihanna is Queen and/or a god. Just "6ix God," if you’re listening, please don’t let this be about Nicki. Frankly, I hope to one day love anything as much as Drake loves his hometown.

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Rihanna cancelled her Grammys performance, if you recall, so she is absolutely not here in this song about them.We went to the Cheesecake Factory one time, got into a bit of an argument over whether to order deep fried pickles or just stick to our main courses, and despite him taking me to the mall after (it was the Cheesecake Factory attached to the Galleria), we couldn’t come back from it. And then, he goes so far to ask if he should get rid of the other women in his life, and how he’s dedicated and devoted to this particular person.Although for the record, we never actually hooked up, so I don’t know what all these sexy lyrics are about. This is the lyrical equivalent of Drake running through the streets and yelling, “My friends! Could you honestly imagine him singing this about anybody else? Can we please dedicate the third season of “Views”Stand-out lyric: “The paranoia can start to turn to arrogance / Thoughts too deep to go work ‘em out with a therapist”Is it about Rihanna?But this time, there’s no AC Slater to help pull him out of it. PARTYNEXTDOOR)Stand-out lyric: “Mixing vodka and emotions, tapping into your emotions / Dry cry ‘cause I’m hopeless”Is it about Rihanna?

If you think Rihanna’s going to stick around while Drake dry-cries, you’ve got another thing coming.

”Stand-out lyric: “Remember you was livin’ at the London for a month, service elevator up to the 4201 / We was still a secret, couldn’t come in through the front” Is it about Rihanna? He also doesn’t want whomever this is to think she can walk around naked in his kitchen without running into his friends.

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