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30-Nov-2017 09:39

Imagine my surprise when I went in to teach a kindergarten class in my hometown for the first time when the woman across the hall comes over exclaiming, “My Tiny Tumblee!” Folks, it’s been almost 30 years since I was officially a Tiny Tumblebee, but this family friend will always remember me as that.Spice Girl Mel B had an hour-long lesbian romp with Luann Lee in a bar bathroom, the former Playboy model claimed.She said in an interview with the Sun that the singer and X Factor judge followed her into a bathroom stall and began to kiss her and take off her clothes. She's like a man in that way — very assertive, very determined and very wanting.You know who people are talking about when they call up the nicknames of performers like JLo and Ice Cube, athletes like A-Rod and Macho Camacho, and reality stars Snooki and JWoww of Jersey Shore fame. No, but being called A-Rod is infinitely cooler—and therefore more salable.

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The name is bittersweet for me now, as many endings are.We live in a society that is fascinated with nicknames.