Who is mark feehily dating now

11-Jun-2018 05:02

His fave pizza topping is chicken, ham, mushroom and pineapple He has ambitions to write a full musical Mark cried on camera when the band suprised someone on Cilla’s TV show ‘Suprise Suprise’ Mark’s top 5 smells are: 1. He wrote on Saturday: "Sadly, Kevin & I are no longer together.Love life: Mark came out as gay in August 2005, announcing he is in a long-term relationship with Kevin Mc Daid from the boyband V.[read news article] Previously he was rumoured to be dating Mandy Moore (but it wasn’t true, Shane spread the story to wind Mark up! He was also rumoured to have dated a model named Lauren Gold for a while (she starred in Robbie William’s video “Rock DJ” as the DJ).

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His ‘Spice Girl’ nickname was “Homesick Spice” because he always gets homesick when he leaves his family (bless! Mark thinks his nose is too big (Whatever you say Mark, it’s not!!

Mark loves nothing more than slobbing on the couch at home and watching TV. He first went on stage in the school production ‘Scrooged’.