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28-Apr-2018 13:29

) because I've been so busy..also because they are on so late at night! Anyway, there have been a few Olympians that have really impressed me and even brought tears to my eyes, so welcome to Love it Keep it Olympians! She brought home the first gold for USA in this Olympics. And last, but not least, John Shuster, the Skip for the Men's Curling Team.

First up, Joannie Rochette, a figure skater from Canada. And now he's the most decorated winter Olympian...Apolo! He was taken off the team because of his "poor" performance..yet he still had a great attitude. Luckily, he was put back on, and even though the US is not going to take home any medal, he is still out there showing great spirit.

Joannie's mom died right after arriving in Vancouver for the Olympics. Throughout her entire program, the audience clapped and cheered for her, which was so sweet. And of course we need to talk about Apolo Ohno..is such a good sport. And of course I'm lovin' team USA's Men's Nordic Combined Relay Team!

Two days later Joannie skated her short program and placed 3rd. I can't even imagine suffering such a tragedy right before the Olympics. They took home silver and it was the first time the US has ever placed in the event!

NBC spent a little bit of time profiling both athletes, who, within their own respective worlds, are major role models, campaign sponsors and outright celebrities.

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Just two days after her mother passed away, Joannie Rochette delivered an amazing performance.

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