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My name is Jamie i have 3 dogs and 2 cats I'm 18 years old i still... I'm 5'8", 120 lbs, 34C, with red hair, green eyes, and (sometimes) glasses. Dick pic avatars and messages that j... WZy5Xx0yi == Results from == 96% Vanilla 88% Voyeur 74% Non-monogamist 62% Experimentalist 52% Rigger 47% Exhibitionist 41% Submissive 37% Daddy/Mommy 35% Ageplayer 35% Boy/Girl 31% Primal (Prey) 28% Switc... I'm not an "in your face" type of guy and not necessarily looking for immedi... looks like the site is back up, with a few odd changes.

As the name suggest i'm a massive gamer and thats how i spend most of my spare time its not my only interest but i'm not going to put it all in here otherwise we'll have nothing to talk about hehe. i hope to find some old friends and have some fun together, as well as meet new people.

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