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For information on creating an Web Application Project, see Chapter 11, "Developing Web Applications." For information on creating an Enterprise Application Project, see Chapter 13, "Developing Enterprise Applications." For information on creating an EJB Module Project, see Chapter 15, "Developing with Enterprise Beans." to add or remove source folders.A single source folder cannot, however, be added to more than one project.If you need a source folder to be part of several projects, you should create a separate project for the source folder and add it to the classpath of each of your projects.For information on add multiple sources to a project, see Section 5.5, "Adding Multiple Sources Roots to a Project." When you create a project from a standard project template, the IDE generates an Ant script that controls all aspects of program compilation, execution, and debugging.The IDE comes with the following standard templates: Depending on what modules you have installed, your IDE may contain additional templates.Consult the help for your additional modules for more information.

When you declare the classpath for a free-form project, you are only telling the IDE which classes to make available for code completion and refactoring.

This feature is particularly advantageous for making a Java class library project usable for Java FX development.

When you select the Each standard project has a project folder where the IDE stores the Ant script, project metadata, and output folders.

Right-click a project node in the Projects window and choose to set basic project settings in the Project Properties dialog box.

All changes are immediately registered in the project's Ant script.These settings do not affect the actual classpath used when compiling or running your source code.

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