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Each control typically needs a Validating event handler or some other Win Forms way of performing validation. Cancel Button Dialog Result and Finish Button Dialog Result properties to Dialog Result.Alternatively you could attach to various events of each control and manually set whether the Next button should be enabled or not. Cancel Button Click and Finish Button Click events that fire. None to prevent the Form from auto-closing when those buttons are clicked.Add the following inside your name Textbox's Leave event: Private Sub txt Name_Leave(sender As Object, e As System. Leave 'If Not A Matching Format Entered If Not Regex. If you are uncertain about the pattern I supplied, have a look here. Just a note, some surnames contain spaces and even hyphens. Sometimes there are even brackets surrounding the code. My surname contains a space and it can get quite frustrating if I am not allowed to enter my correct surname, or that I have to edit my surname not to include a space. In certain cases the international dialling code will also need to be supplied. Compiled _ ) Dim bln Possible Match As Boolean = re Email. Text) If bln Possible Match Then 'Check If Entered Email Is In Correct Format If Not txt Email. Displaying the input value and asking the user to confirm the value before committing it can help, but beyond that, you can do little to validate this type of input—anything the user enters can pass through the door. The value must pass a few tests before the code allows it to pass through.For instance, you might check US ZIP code entries by ensuring that each character is a numeric digit and that there are five (or nine) characters.Note: Don't copy and paste the code from this web page, because some web-based characters will return errors.You can think of validating data in terms of opening a door, and that door can be: Names present the most common use of an open control; the door is open and any name can pass through to your document.

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They make use of a pattern matching system to match the input with a certain pattern of data.Fortunately, you can include a bit of VBA code to check input values for specific attributes.