Updating version control repository

12-May-2018 12:25

RCS works by keeping patch sets (that is, the differences between files) in a special format on disk; it can then re-create what any file looked like at any point in time by adding up all the patches.

This means that there might a single server that contains all the files, but whenever a repository is checked out from this central source, the entire repository is cloned locally to your machine.This means that there is a single server that contains all files and revisions from which users can check out any version of any file.When files are checked out from a remote Subversion repository, the user will get a snapshot of the repository at that point in time.However, this setup also has some serious downsides.

The most obvious is the single point of failure that the centralized server represents.Visual Studio for Mac provides support for both Git and Subversion version control systems.