Updating list items in sharepoint australian dating website

17-Apr-2018 01:21

Also the header IF-MATCH has to be presented, but whenever you don’t have to worry about concurrency, the value (*) should be uses.Otherwise you should obtain the etag value of a list item by performing a GET request before update the item. Create another dictionary called POST_Metadata where we will store the type of the item You should find the correct data type for the item you are trying to update. The data type name might change so don’t assume it is always your list name. You will need to identify the list and the list item that you want to update, but it's pretty straightforward. In the Value box enter what the value of the field needs to be, for example 3 for the item with ID 3. In the "Find the List Item" section select the field you want to use for identifying the correct item, for example the ID field.Its almost like we need a "This" now that we've had the nested IF find the correct entry.

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With that, the workflows can be easily integrated with other system and even with other Share Point sites.Failing that I think you'll need to look at a coded solution Alright ladies and gentlemen here's the answer: I was able to use an HTTP call to get and loop through the items on the 2nd list.Then I was able to check the values of each column on each item and find the specific item I needed.Share Point 2013 brings a new workflow engine with several enhancements such as support to REST calls, elastic services and more.

The complete list of what is new in Share Point 2013 workflows can be found here.Knowing that allowed me to update that specific item and that item only with the new data from List A.

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