Updating garmin nuvi 250w

16-Jan-2018 09:27

So if I can get the nuvi to see it, I think it will be a great map.

I will be interested to hear your comments after you have used the OSM for a while.

Would love to hear from another 250 user or even a 2xx user.

No too concerned about not getting the street number right, I've had the Garmin 250 pick the wrong end of a street too.

That has been my experience with OSM on the Garmin Oregon 550T.

My no longer supported Quest1 can still get us there if need be.

I also have a 2012 model Nuvi, updates for life, of course.

Not that I'm going to buy a new map for my nuvi from Garmin at the price they want, it just would not be worth it.

Far better would be to invest a little more in a new GPS with a fresh map, Or maybe it is time to use an Android tablet with GPS or even an Android phone rather than stick with Garmin units that make it so tough to resolve issues like this.Lifetime map updates purchased late in 2009 for an older Nuvi that I use cost on Amazon. Good point, I also have a 250 (no W) and the maps are showing their age. Battery is near shot (sharp drop in recent months) so I'm definitely not sinking the mew map cost into it when I've seen what look like better Garmin replacements at not much more than lifetime maps would cost.

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