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04-Aug-2017 15:17

If a debt collector calls, instead of offering information, take theirs, including the name of the collection agency, the caller's name and/or their identification number and, most importantly, when they say the debt became past due.

If the caller doesn't give you this information, or you have reason to doubt it, send a written request for verification of debt.

Failure to obtain such permission may result in legal action.

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Collectors cannot legally restart the clock on the statute of limitations (seven to 10 years, depending on the debt) through any re-aging techniques or through the sale to a different debt collector.

If your debt is significantly delinquent – usually 90 days or more past due – your lender may decide to either assign or sell your debt to a third-party debt collection agency.

Sometimes collection agencies sell portfolios of debt accounts to each other.

If your debt is purchased by another debt collection agency, the date opened on the account is the date purchased from the original (or previous) creditor.

In this sense, the previous account is written off by the selling creditor, and a new collection account is opened.

Words -- written or spoken -- can be powerful, especially when it comes to dealing with old debt.