Unhandled exception updating

09-Feb-2018 02:26

Thanks Dimitros Hi Dimitros,thanks for the reply, this is exactly the case since I have a background thread that is responsible of updating the dashboard; however I need to stick to this program structure as I want the UI to be responsive to the user commands while continuosly updating the reading from an hardware; but I haven't got the usual Invoke Required / Invoke methods in the gauge controls to allow the owning thread to change their value.

Is the constraint of having to update the gauges control from the owning thread only a design feature, or shall I use another way to update them from a different thread?

Hi Emiliano, Usually, such problems occur when you access a control created in a UI thread from another thread.

Please ensure that you do not modify any Gauge property from a background thread.

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Hi, Today I updated the launcher (0.4.5499), and tried to download engineers (I have beta access), but I get...I noticed, sometimes my application got stuck and I found out, using the debugger, that the cause was an unhandled exception being triggered.Since it happens randomly (or, at least, I don't have identified any patterns, yet), I can't figure out what the cause is. Thanks for your support, I look forward to read from you, regards Emiliano Hi Emiliano, This behavior is not specific to our components. For more information, please see MSDN documentation.

A solution to this problem can also be found on the Internet.

Right click and select Properties: Navigate to the Shortcut tab and make a note of the Start in Location.