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Slaps a boy for trying to get fresh with her on a first date.Age 18: Graduates Upper Darby High School, with honors, and as a member of the tennis team, the drama club, the choir, and editor of the school newspaper.

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Age 14: Begins High School Age 16: Meets legendary musician Elivis Costello. (see the photo) Age 17: Known for her ability to transform herself form nerdy ugly duckling to knock-out when required to do so.

When you learn about her character and her life, it’s little wonder that she’s done so well.

Tina is very tight-lipped about the fact that she held onto her virginity well into her 20’s. When asked about her late virginity in interviews, Tina plays it off with jokes, claiming that she was simply too nerdy to attract a man before age 24. I think she just doesn’t want to make an issue about it (and I can back up my theory, see below).

Dedicates herself fully to improv: “I was like one of those athletes trying to get into the Olympics. I was so sure that I was doing exactly what I’d been put on this earth to do, and I would have done anything to make it onto that stage. I would have been perfectly happy to stay at Second City forever.” She idealizes Saturday Night Live from afar “like most kids idealize Derek Jeeter”. Performs eight shows a week, and also has parts in serveral other comedic theater productions.

Meets her husband, Jeff Richmond, who also works at The Second City. I don't think it would be smart to do an impression of your wife. She called me the other day and she goes, 'Tom Cruise was fantastic on the show. I'll go, 'Tell that funny story about meeting the Obamas.'What's that story? It said, 'President Obama.' He got out of the limousine; he's laughing. That's a good joke.' He immediately came up to me: 'How are you doing?