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27-Feb-2018 17:15

The few teenagers that live a life similar to that have managed to destroy the image of every teenager that happens to be a good kid.It seems that hardworking, determined, and honest teenagers don’t have a place in the world anymore.Many people in different generations sincerely believe that all teenagers are up to no good, and are guaranteed trouble no matter where they are.I am not arguing that teenagers like that don’t exist, because there are plenty of them out there, but it bothers me that one type of teenager has been able to spoil the image of all other teenagers.Although it does bother me, I can also see a point of view where I would do the same thing.If I saw someone outside that looked a little bit off-beat to me, I would most likely go a different path as well.Because I do not consider myself anywhere close to a stereotypical teenager, it does bother me when people mistake me for doing those types of activities.

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Just because a teenager happens to be walking around outside, that should in no way trigger a response where people feel that it isn’t safe to be near teenagers.

For example, some people do drugs and alcohol because they are expected to by society’s stereotypes, so someone may think, “Oh, I am a teenager now, I guess because other people are drinking then I have to as well.” I don’t even see peer pressure as that much of an issue here, people tend to start drinking or doing drugs voluntarily; more often than not, there isn’t peer pressure that is forcing them into doing something. To simplify this; many people start acting like stereotypical teenagers, because they feel that they need to in order to be a “normal” teenager.