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05-Mar-2018 07:28

(I, too, thought that I was going to back out.) One woman, Liz, tells me that she felt a tightness in her chest as she got undressed.

“You’re becoming vulnerable enough as it is when you’re talking about your insecurities,” she says.

She then did the unimaginable and posted the photos “People say, ‘My [breasts] aren’t equal,’ or ‘I have a scar over here,’ ” Dodson says. The atmosphere was charged with that first-day-of-school nervous energy: Though my fellow participants and I knew we’d be getting naked and talking about our bodies, we didn’t know how that would feel.

When she first started Body Pride workshops, Roberts held classes for women only.

Soon after, men were asking her if they could also join; she has since made them gender-inclusive.

In our group that night, there were four men, seven women and one intersex, gender non-binary person.

She was inspired by a documentary about Betty Dodson’s women’s-only group masturbation classes called Bodysex Workshops.

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