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In early 1999, she became involved in an on-screen storyline involving her father, Vince Mc Mahon, and The Undertaker.

The Undertaker stalked and abducted Stephanie Mc Mahon and almost "married" her in the middle of the ring in an "Unholy Wedding" ceremony performed by Paul Bearer, until Steve Austin, her father's then nemesis, rescued her.

The alliance was short lived, as Triple H demanded she withdraw her services following The Rock using his signature Rock Bottom maneuver on Stephanie at No Mercy due to her constant interference.

The internal disputes between the Mc Mahons led to Shane siding with his mother against Stephanie and Vince.

Following Triple H's injury in May 2001, she disappeared from WWF television.

Mc Mahon later returned on the July 9, 2001 edition of Raw by revealing that she had purchased Extreme Championship Wrestling and intended to bankrupt the WWF (in reality, the ownership of ECW assets at this time was highly disputed), along with her brother Shane, who had become the on-screen owner of World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

Stephanie Mc Mahon is the daughter of World Wrestling Entertainment (shortened to WWE, Inc.) Chairman & C. With Levesque, she has three daughters, Aurora Rose Levesque (born July 24, 2006), Murphy Claire Levesque (born July 28, 2008), and Vaughn Evelyn Levesque (born August 24, 2010).

Vince Mc Mahon and the publicly traded company's former C. She is married to Paul "Triple H" Levesque and the sister of Shane Mc Mahon.

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The storyline was resolved officially at Unforgiven when Triple H defeated Angle with a Pedigree following a low blow from Mc Mahon, proving her loyalty to him.

Stephanie seemed to abhor Triple H at first, but eventually revealed that she had sided with him and that the wedding was real—a revenge plot against her father for the aforementioned kidnappings, turning Stephanie into a villainess.