Speed dating venues in london

06-Jul-2018 06:39

Please also appreciate that the main purpose of the events on this site is to provide you with an opportunity to socialise and meet new people, friends and potential partner/friends.The venue is an ideal setting for our speed-dating walk through the serene, bucolic and picturesque surroundings of Trent Country Park.They come looking for a partner wearing layers of clothes, muddy boots, dirty trousers and a rucksack filled with that all-important non-alcoholic drink (water) and the romantic squashed sandwich (dinner) for two, with that special look into your left eye ;-) ..... Welcome to NBH Speed-Dating Walk with a difference……An imaginative new form of exercise, in some ways regardless of your sexuality..........From William Wordsworth to Thomas Hardy, human emotions and the open air have gone hand in hand.Contact Singles started as a singles social club in London in 1994 and has grown over the years.We have a big following and reach max 250 at our singles parties in bar venues and over 300 at the hotel venues in London with lots of new members constantly joining as our events are shown on 4 different Meet Up groups plus several sites promoting singles events in London. 100% of the ticket price is going to the Movember Foundation.The event will see you paired with various potential partners, all with a love of the beard.

Everyone duly swaps places and starts chatting up someone else, pausing to tick a yes or no surreptitiously on their walk-cards: matches mean phone numbers later.Here at NBH we’ve stripped away the poetry to take a more earthy view of the countryside and to help you build a happy social network, and to find a new partner/friends. us for a speed-dating walk in 413 acres of rolling meadows, enchanting brooks, exquisite lakes, ancient woodland, and imposing historical sites.Trent park forms part of London's Green Belt and being a country park it provides a natural, rural and tranquil atmosphere right on the outskirts of London. we set off on our 9 mile love ramble, you are given a helpful pack of jolly chat-up lines: "What made you decide to go speed-dating? " And how can we possibly fail with follow-ups such as: "What would be your perfect date?There will also be the meal option earlier at 7pm £65 (3 course meal served to table where men move tables between courses, glass of wine plus tea/coffee.). Please email Julie at Contact Singles on : with your full name and mobile if you would like to book for the meal option and she will contact you to take your booking direct.

Below is the booking area for The Socialising Circle ice-breaker/Party alternative from 8.30pm - 1am.Need to know more about Pop Up Dating Events in London?