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If you would like to enquire about donating a photograph collection, please get in touch.All images in the database can be ordered as prints from the website.

The range will be increased as demand grows for this service.The structures were later adapted by Pictish people and then by Vikings.Among the many finds was a stone with a carving of a bear.Starting in Lerwick, Clickimin Broch is one of the better-preserved examples and, situated on a promontory in the loch of the same name, it’s very easy to reach and always open, with no admission charge.

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The broch itself is supplemented by other buildings said to date from as early as the late Bronze Age and the site’s occupation spanned at least 1,500 years, from around 1000 BC. Just ten minutes or so to the west of Lerwick, Scalloway Castle looms over the village, rather as the man who built it, Earl Patrick Stewart, imposed his often harsh rule on Shetland.

Archaeology in Shetland also embraces relics from two world wars and a huge reservoir of shipwrecks, finds from which can be seen in several of our museums.