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22-Feb-2018 20:11

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The study also breaks down dating app use among sexual and gender minorities.If you belong to one of those minorities, according to the study, there's a much better chance you're looking for a partner online.

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That's compared with just 28 percent of heterosexual respondents."This signals tech as a potentially more comfortable environment or a safer space than in-person or face-to-face encounters for those on the LGBTQ spectrum who are seeking romantic and sexual partners," Gesselman writes.The full PDF of the survey's results includes lots of other insights, and can be found here.Tech's not just about hooking up -- people are using technology to educate themselves about sex, too.

One researcher suggests people might feel a need to keep up as sexual culture continues to evolve."Sexting may be becoming a new, but typical, step in a sexual or romantic relationship." The new study, which culled responses over 140,000 participants from almost 200 countries, asked about everything from use of dating apps to sexting preferences.