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The couples have eight weeks to decide if they will stay married after celebrating their honeymoon and moving in together.The fifth season of "Married at First Sight," which moved to the Lifetime network this year, airs 8 p.m. Here's a look at the pairs and their wedding days: Anthony D'Amico and Ashley Petta Why matchmakers paired them: "Anthony and Ashley are a great match because they both love children and they're both ready to be mom and dad.Why matchmakers paired them: "Even though Cody is a little bit younger than Danielle, he's very mature. She's a dietitian so professionally, they're really going to get one another, but even more than that, they share so many similar personality traits and I think they'll have a lot of fun together," De Alto said.How they reacted at the altar: De Groot said Knapek was handsome, while he said she was beautiful.

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Do you have a medical condition that is hampering your emotional well-being?And they have these big extended Italian families," sociologist Pepper Schwartz said.How they reacted at the altar: They immediately introduced themselves and shook hands.Distress, difficulties, challenges disrupts many aspects of our lives.

This disruption often leads us to attempt to cope in a variety of ways, and one of these may be seeking out a therapist.

She enjoys learning and understanding the unique elements that all of her clients bring with them in therapy. Rios values her relationships with her clients and sees the therapy relationship as one of mutual respect and trust.""Do you feel your life doesn't reflect the hopes and dreams you hold for yourself?