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Morphological analyses were concordant with those results.Our findings confirm earlier work comparing similarities in allozymes and species-specific ectoparasites.Trees obtained by weighting and distance analyses were compared with the pool of unweighted parsimony trees, and 4 tree topologies were chosen for use in evaluating among-site rate variation models for maximum-likelihood searches using the Hasegawa–Kishino–Yano substitution model (Hasegawa et al. Among-site rate variations examined included those listed by Sullivan et al. After the most realistic evolutionary model was determined, a maximum-likelihood search was conducted to recover the tree with the highest likelihood (using averages for transition to transversion ratios and gamma values derived from the four tree topologies analyzed previously), and a bootstrap (100 replicates) was performed to assess branch support.

For the morphological analysis, specimens collected for this study, as well as specimens from the United States National Museum of Natural History, Vertebrate Museum at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and the Texas Cooperative Wildlife Collection, Texas A&M University, were examined.

They may occur in a wide variety of grassy habitats but prefer deep loose-textured soils (Miller 1964).