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"I want to give the young man a lock of my hair," she explains to the others. Not to be outdone, Victoria carefully extracts a single strand of her hair and hands it over. "We thought we could make up some stupid names." They were going to call one of them Old Spice ("I'm not saying . 1, and the follow-up single, "Say You'll Be There," is heading in the same direction.

The Spice Girls Through the Ages, the book," announces Geri, "[one character] takes her tampon out and puts it in the soup. Nonetheless, it is perhaps hard for America to understand quite how famous Spice Girls have become in the rest of the world. (The tabloids' evergreen favorites are finding a new set of topless or nude photos of Geri – who did a little "glamour" modeling when she was younger – or a new set of Emma's childhood advertising photos, looking blond and smiley and product-friendly.) Trivia. (In December, Mel C was faced with the headline: SPICE GIRLS' COCAINE SHAME: ALL NIGHT BINGES SHOCK FOR YOUNG FANS, which claimed for her a past of various debaucheries.

I got it when I first met them, at a photo session in London some months ago."Chris! "The Spice Girls have this policy: If we're going to have our clothes off, you're going to take them off, too! One day I overhear them discuss someone they work with whom they don't like. "When I first saw her, I thought, ' It might be trouble here.' That's why I said how pretty she was.", the must-read periodical for star-struck British would-be entertainers, in March 1993 (It began: "R. They all lived together in a house in Maidenhead, a town west of London.

Their managers at the time provided them with songs, which the girls hated, and tried to make them all dress the same.

You quickly learn that in the flesh, as on record and video, the most important value in Spiceland is not decorum. "President Clinton picks his nose."The Spice Girl is a restless creature. ."I don't think it was a temple," argues Mel B."I think it was a ballroom," says Mel C.. This is what you will need to know: Geri Halliwell is 24. Her father, an unsuccessful English car salesman, died three years ago. Her parents are rich; her father is an electrical retailer. A tattoo on her upper right arm is of two Japanese symbols: woman and strength. These names – Ginger, Scary, Baby, Posh, Sporty – have been a successful part of the Spice Girls package: a perfect simultaneous pop expression of heterogeneity (they're each their own person) and homogeneity (they're all disciples in the Church of Spice).

Only occasionally will there be five Spice Girls at the table simultaneously. They couldn't get anyone to understand their English, and they couldn't find the toilet, and they were bursting. Her mother is Spanish and works as a cleaning lady. Mop, the British tabloids call her.) When Geri was young, she once poohed in the bath with her brother and sister. Her father, who does hot-metal shift work, is from Nevis, in the Caribbean. She has blond hair, which she often wears in bunches. She recently announced, as a joke, "I don't want to be a cutie – I want to be a hot, sexy bitch," but she's now rather perturbed that the statement has been taken seriously. When she was young, Victoria used to beg her father not to take her to school in the Rolls-Royce. A strange fact: Neither the Spice Girls nor any of the people around them thought up the names.

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He insists that they were never told to dress the same: The whole point of the auditions had been to find five strikingly different girls. Once you get over that bit, then you should enjoy sex because it's me, and I'm shit hot in bed. During a press conference there, they made the journalists do a Mexican wave.

EMMA: You can't ram it down somebody's throat – "I can sing, and I can dance, and I enjoy it as well." You can't keep doing that. Afterward, she will point at the computer monitors and ask, over and over, "I want an Internet. ")Geri answers a question about the media putting down the Spice Girls."I couldn't give a F**K basically," she types. They were girls who dreamed in vain of getting a part in Andrew Lloyd Webber's .

A note swiftly appears on her computer from the AOL chat-room guide. Even that is a violation of our terms of service.""Oh, balls," Geri types to the world. Secretly you are.""He is a Spice Boy," Victoria said. I can tell, just by that sparkle in your eye."You get plenty of this talk when you're around the Spice Girls. By the summer, the group Touch was formed, with the four of them and a girl named Michelle.

"I'm always short of underwear," she explains. I just think, "Maybe in time they'll grow to enjoy it."MEL C: Nothing. Then she is told, and she gives her answer: "I love America Online.

"In fact, today I'm wearing a pair of Melanie B's knickers."What would you say to someone who thinks that spice girls are pointless and talentless? It's a chance to speak to the world." (Mel B is clearly not an expert on these matters. They knew each other already, because they were always turning up at the same auditions, for musicals or shows or whatever, where they were inevitably rejected.

When I point this out, they don't disagree; they just try to make a joke out of it."Was it a leap year or something?