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10-Nov-2017 22:57

As one Ghanaian respondent mentioned: ‘There is this guy who loves me so much ….I love him too, but I know my parents will be gutted and disappointed in me if I tell them that he is from … I’m just scared.’ Spending Prime years pursuing educational and Career goals: It might sound quite harsh, but one revelation made is that the best moment for most women to get suitable partners or husbands is when they are in their Prime.The Reasons so Many African Women Abroad are Single.Perceived shortage of decent men in the West: Almost all the women interviewed shared the opinion that it is quite uncommon to come across single men with good character these days.Hence, the need for them to capitalize on their young age, looks, and fertility to get the kind of man that they want.For religious, academic or educational, as well as career or occupational reasons some young women dedicate less time to socializing and searching for that “decent man.” By the time they realize the need to have families, age had already caught up with them; and as looks or beauty and fertility commonly decrease with age, they end up in a position where attracting men becomes a bit more difficult.Those in the Prime Years group (21-25, 22%), Vital Years group (26-30, 27%), Borderline group (31-35, 32%), and the Danger Zone group (36-40, 19%).

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Tribalism/Ethnocentrism: Some African families have “blacklisted” certain tribes and/or countries, and would just not tolerate the idea of their children getting married to someone from these “blacklisted” societies.

It only refers to people who are not married or who do not have “serious” partners.

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