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27-May-2018 10:21

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Seeing someone on Tinder is more like seeing someone walking through a known single’s pick-up bar. I’ll just note that Tinder doesn’t ever describe itself as a dating app.

It seems like you think that having an account is an act of cheating. Tinder is pretty public, everyone knows what a screenshot is, and this would be risky, blatant behavior if this person wants to have an affair. This makes me think that this profile is probably a known, sanctioned entity to your friend. If this person is cheating your friend might want proof, but that doesn’t need to be your duty. Also gathering proof before you even know what’s happening implies that you find the behavior suspect and not chill and it’s probably chill. They are often cruel and exploitative, especially when people are just tryna find some love.(1) It’s for semi-shameful self-promotion.

Whether you’re comfortable with your girlfriend seeking friendships via a dating app or not is a topic of discussion between you and her. If you know for sure your girlfriend is actively talking to men on dating sites, but she does not admit it, use these tips to get her to spill the “secret.” At this point, though, you may want to reconsider your relationship with this person because they seem like a chronic liar. The early stages of a relationship are murky seas to navigate.

You and the person you’re dating have expectations that sometimes don’t get talked about or brought up until much later in the relationship.

However, if you and your girlfriend made a deal to be exclusive, and a situation like this happens, you should confront her about what it means to be exclusive. ” and she gives you a vague or wishy-washy response, you might want to reconsider your decision to date this person.

At the end of the day, the best advice to follow is your own intuition.

I don’t want to be a snitch, but I would want to know if I was him.

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Never good news to discover, but it must have come from somewhere.

) because by bearing witness you become a keeper of knowledge, and what you do or do not do with this knowledge will have a reverberation on the lives of others.

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