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13-Feb-2018 12:30

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On the contrary, my loss is your gain — the more for you! Whether it’s an all-out Axl Rose and Slash situation or more of a slow-simmering Keith Richards and Mick Jagger resentment, band bros have more drama than the “Real Housewives” cast.

But this will get more fucking annoying for you than the girls or the dudes in his band.

But it also implies that the musician’s significant other (“SO”) is trying to dictate how a band operates or what they do.

Secondly, it assumes that the SO’s opinion is not warranted or important.

Well, I work in the industry, my boyfriend is in a band, and I have seen multiple relationships flourish and flounder among my peers. What about a set of rules for musicians in relationships, or is it assumed that they should be able to do what they want – you know, since they are “the talent”? On one hand, you should never shit where you eat right?

And if your opinion hasn’t been asked for, you shouldn’t be flinging it like free candy.

And ever since this photo started circulating online, many of them have shared it.

However, there hasn’t been a lot of response from the people that these “rules” are being flouted towards.

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and again and again the same patterns would repeat themselves that led to us breaking up. I perfected the “watchful girlfriend off to the side” stance — not possessively hovering too close, but also making it clear to both him and the other chicks that I was watching. You’ll be expected to go to not just some gigs, but probably their shows. Make no mistake: these are all serious things to consider if you’re dating a successful musician. But if you’re also a night owl, then this relationship could work out great. We put our souls into what we do, so we can’t help but take it very, very personally if people don’t like it — even if we’ve become successful doing it professionally. If you go to bed with a writer, expect to wake up with shit written about you.

And if you are dating someone, who isn’t willing to at least RESCHEDULE the special night, because they need to play a gig – both of you should examine how important the relationship you are having is. I wanted to make it a really special event for him.