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30-Sep-2017 09:55

If you are concerned simply call them and they can sort it out.

They are not going to just cancel your order after 10 days. When you log in you can only change your billing address, there is no section to edit your mailing address.

May want to make this thread sticky (or put it in the FAQ), considering credit cards on average expire every 3 years, which means about 1 in 4 of us will likely need to make a change between now and April.

Also, if you have moved and updated your billing address on your credit / debit account, don't forget to change it on your frontgate order as well.

However, I emailed them on Monday to find out why my charge hadn't gone through last week and Greg, from Frontgate, replied saying it takes 5-7 days to process and that I "should not be concerned".

That's 5-7 BUSINESS days, which would mean MONDAY (the 12th), which is outside of that 10 day window they give us (if they mean days and not business days).

Today, I thought "better safe than sorry" and actually called them up (after waiting 10 minutes on a phone line and having to hit "1" a dozen times).

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Will this update automatically to match my billing address or will I need to call to change the delivery address?

I'm going to wait till after my next charge goes through to be sure or before I call, but I was just wondering if anyone else has had any problems like this yet?

Had I not expected the debit from my account, I wouldn't have corrected this by the 10th, and I suspect I'd be SOL.

Sounds like an accident waiting to happen for anyone else who just changed CC info and hasn't been tracking their finances closely. Apparently my payment didn't go through for some reason (still no clue why).

Fortunately, I noticed today that I was never billed, so I called them and corrected the mistake.