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Practiced Kissing, Love to Kiss Rainie Yang Most Despite the goddess’ confession, Mike He did not appreciate, he said that “This should be one of the hardest scene since my debut.” He was actually almost suffered from a mental breakfown due to the twin roles in the drama, he laughed sadly “I would always scare people when I practise my lines at the set, because I said the elder brother’s line one the left and switching to the right to say the younger brother’s line, everyone said that I was coming insane.” He had kissed Rainie Yang, Cyndi Wang and Janine Zhang in drama, Mike He straightforwardly said “Rainie and Janine are very direct, best chemistry with Rainie but it felt like kissing your dude, it’s strange (the word can mean fantastic, weird, wonderful, etc).

Filming kissing scene with Janine Zhang was very funny, with Cyndi, we would just throw things all over, there was most feeling; as for Dayuan…maybe it was just puppy-love type so there wasn’t much feeling…aiyoh~ filming kissing scenes felt the same, just two pieces of flesh stick together, all the same.” Although Mike He and Dayuan did not have any private acquaintances, their family background are quite similar, Dayuan who lives with her mother transfers her earnings directly into her mother’s account, taking an allowance of 20K a month, with her mother planning on the expenditures like housing.

His two television series Sunny Happiness and Love Keeps Going, which co-stars Taiwanese actresses, Janine Chang and Cyndi Wang respectively, scored high ratings and positive critics.

In the same year, He also released his second book Le Retour Du Sud De La France (南法寄出) on 21 September 2011.

They have a daughter who was born in Guam in February 2017.

, and it’s so much win I don’t even know where to start.

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Sometimes my friends will introduce me, but after going out for awhile, when we’re busy, it’ll be hard to contact…”“For now, I will just strive to make money, working hard towards the dream house, if I achieve my goal, then I will think of other things, I will really think more about the future, because regardless of people with me or the next generation, I have responsbiility, I should complete it when I still can.” Mike He speaks of his plans of the future, he seems to have more wisdom and maturity as time passes despite of his conventional flower boy image.

It’s her three most iconic drama leading men pairings, starting with Mike He who did .