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For one, data migrations files will stay in the directory for posterity, and will run whenever a new developer sets their local development environment. For example, future changes to a class and its logic can easily break the migration later on.

Furthermore, this is not business logic and thus should not stay forever in the code base.

These are a series of files, in the db/migrate folder, that have long version numbers (actually time-stamps) attached to them.

For example 20131219115840_add_report_download_flag_to_is from one of my projects.

The final SQL Command to create the table should look like this : Migrating an app to rails is much more challenging than the example mentioned in this tutorial .

Indeed, you will be asked to perform a lot of changes on the existing db structure depending on the gems that cover your app features .

Your deployment will now have to wait for the data manipulation to be finished and that is just asking for trouble, with possible hanging or failed migrations.

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To fix this, tweak the articles table structure a bit .

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