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Early metal bands included Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath (a personal favourite! As more bands emerged in the genre during the mid-70s, the genre began to gain a following of loyal fans, who became known as 'metalheads' or 'headbangers'.

Of course, nowadays there are dozens (if not more) subgenres of metal, such as Gothic metal, symphonic, thrash, death metal, glam metal, folk metal, nu-metal, metalcore, Industrial metal, rap metal, progressive metal, Viking metal and many more.

You were used to being heckled by kids outside of your circle, but when someone from the crew you ran with called you out, it was a pretty sick burn.

This is often a tricky subject - many Goths are highly unimpressed that Goth and metal music and culture are often lumped together by both mallgoths and the mainstream, and often react with disdain towards metal music as a whole.

And while we may not be as drastic in our appearance today, we definitely still hold onto our inner rocker with one or ten tattoos, edgy clothing pieces, fun jewelry, an obsession with black, and a badass red lipstick.

Here’s a highlight reel of things you probably did if you were in the emo/skater/goth scene in the early 2000s.

There were times you definitely tried a little too hard to be the stereotypical outcast.It was all about dying your mane crazy colors with Manic Panic or Kool Aid and chunky highlights with those chunking kits from L’Oreal. You also had an obsession with gel and hairspray or anything that could get your hair stiff as a rock. Picking out a new CD at the mall was like getting a golden ticket from Willy Wonka, and you used to spend hours downloading music from Napster or Lime Wire so you could make the perfect mixed CD.When My Space let you put a playlist on your profile page, you made it your life’s mission to choose the songs that revealed your soul.But on the other hand, a lot of Goths take a lot of enjoyment in metal music and culture, and will cheerfully (OK, perhaps not 'cheerfully', we are Goths after all ;-) ) attend metal nights and metal festivals as well as specifically 'Goth' events. Like Goth and emo (another subculture frequently thought to be 'the same thing' as Goth...), Goth and metal are two separate music genres which have given rise to separate subcultures with their own events, style of dress, and values.

Metal music developed before Goth, in the late 60s and early 70s.

You also probably had an arsenal of studded belts, spiked necklaces, and body piercing jewelry. Even today, you still pair heavy eyeliner with a kick ass red lipstick when you go out.

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