Pivot table not updating refresh

10-Oct-2017 00:48

There's a picture here that shows the 'Total' cell: Change pivot table data to horizontal layout There are instructions here for adding the Generate Get Pivot Data button to a toolbar, and toggling the feature on and off You can't change the default settings for the data fields.

If a field contains blank cells, or cells with text, it will default to COUNT. There's a feature that changes all the data fields to SUM, in my Pivot Power add-in, that you can download and install.

You could display the text fields in the Row and Column areas, and show a count of the records in the data area.

In Excel 2010, and later versions, you can change a field setting to repeat pivot items in all fields, or selected pivot fields. In Excel 2007, and earlier versions, the row headings show once in a Pivot Table, and there's no setting you can change, to force them to repeat.

Watch this slide show to see 5 pivot table annoyances, and how to fix them.

Display text in the data area of a pivot table Repeat row field headings Error when grouping dates Preserve formatting when refreshing Make data fields appear side-by-side Turn off Get Pivot Data formula Change default from COUNT to SUM Show Pivot Table headings at top of each printed page You can't display text data in the data area of a Pivot Table.

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If the field contains blank cells, or contains cells with text, you'll get that error.

You can change the Print Titles option in the Pivot Table Options dialog box, to get the pivot table headings at the top of each page?

New data doesn't appear Clear old values from dropdowns Fnd what the Access data source is Locate source data for pivot table Use multiple sources for pivot table If the new columns are outside the pivot table's data range, they won't show up in the field list.

There's information in the following MSKB article, which suggests recording a macro as you apply the formatting: Changing a Pivot Chart removes series formatting in Excel You could record a macro as you format the chart, and change the recorded series number to names.

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Then run that macro after you change the pivot table.

If you remove data from the Pivot Table source data, that information might still appear in the Pivot Table drop down lists, after you refresh it.

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