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He is nervous, and soon realizes that she is walking down the aisle toward him.

He looks up and notices the most beautiful woman he has ever seen boarding the plane.

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When she takes the seat right next to him, he is anxious to begin a conversation. " She responds, "To the Annual Nymphomaniac Convention in Chicago." His mind reeling, he asks, "And what do you do at this meeting?

Things begin to progress, her hubby "slips in", she snaps the elastic band, and the hubby asks, "what the *@#% was that??

" The wife explains, "Oh nothing honey, that was just my virginity snapping." The husband cries out, "Well snap it again, it's got my balls!!!!

Tonto Kowalski." [This message has been edited by don (edited ).] When Development Engineers go out together on a week-end they talk about football. The third duck comes in and the judge says "Let me guess, your name is duck also right? All the other six start pushing Dopey and saying, "Go ahead, Dopey, ask him, ask him!

When Middle management are together, they talk about tennis. Conclusion: The higher up you are in management, the smaller your balls are. " The Pope looks at Dopey and asks, "Do you have a question to ask me, young man?

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"I'm sorry," she says, "I just feel so awkward discussing this with you when I don't even know you! " The man extends his hand and replies, "Tonto........ " Everyone gets all excited and chants, "We finally get to ask him, we finally get to ask him." The next day, they are standing in front of the Pope, Dopey out in front of the other six.

“IKAW” hehehe Pra kng alak..hbang tumatagal lalong sumasarap!

Al Cervi, playing less and coaching more, emphasized a patient offense and a scrappy defense, which led the league in the 1951–52 season by yielding a stingy 79.5 points per game as the Nationals won the Eastern Division with a solid 40–26 record.… continue reading »

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