Physicans dating patients

15-Apr-2018 11:35

In reducing a practice size, physicians must not selectively or disproportionately discharge difficult or complex patients.When a patient has not been in contact with a practice for an extended period of time (for example, several years), some physicians may assume that the patient has sought care elsewhere, and seek to remove the patient from the practice.For specialist physicians, the expectations of this policy apply only when ending the physician-patient relationship prior to reaching the normal or expected conclusion of the patient’s treatment or assessment (for example, as the result of a significant conflict with the patient).When, in the normal course of providing care, a specialist’s involvement with a patient reaches its natural or expected conclusion (for example, because the treatment or assessment have concluded, and/or the patient’s care has been transferred back to their referring physician), this policy does not apply.These efforts must include: Over the course of a physician’s career, there may be factors that impact the number of patients a physician is able to effectively manage.

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Physicians are entitled to pursue and receive payment for these services.

While this relationship is of central importance to the practice of medicine, circumstances may sometimes arise which lead either the physician or the patient to end the physician-patient relationship.

This policy sets expectations for physicians when ending the physician-patient relationship.

Physicians embody these values and uphold the reputation of the profession by: This policy articulates the College’s expectations of physicians when ending the physician-patient relationship.

These expectations apply equally to all physicians, regardless of specialty or area of practice.

An effective physician-patient relationship is essential for the provision of quality medical care.

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