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As Smith makes her way down a stairwell or gazes out windows, the soundtrack offers "The Jackson Song": "When day is done and little dreamers spin, / First take my hand, now let it go." Loss is a persistent theme in the film, considered in various dimensions. "), and describes her own "alteration" since her brother's death: "My heart went from feeling like a cold black ember to a warm really joyful flame," she says, "All his finest qualities somehow entered me as a human being." As the camera follows Smith and her band on the road (including shows in Tokyo, London, Paris, and Atlanta), it also returns again and again to the city that seduced her.She visits Blake's and Gregory Corso's graves ("'Remember you are mortal,' said Gregory, 'but poetry is not'"), compares photos of Baghdad's Golden Dome Mosque, before and after the U. Remembering her early days in New York, she touches on people (William Burroughs, "our guardian angel") and places (CBGB), the film illustrating briefly as she skips from one recollection to another.

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This shifting portrait assumes viewers' assumptions and filters, doesn’t impose a reading.

The film is suffused with Smith's sense of irony, outrage, and loss, and it is shaped according to her changing sense of self, her dedication to her kids, her constant political commitments.

Smith frames her story as an junction of experiences: "Life isn't some vertical or horizontal line," Smith observes.

"New York," a decades-younger Smith recites, "is the thing that formed me, New York is the thing that deformed me, New York is the thing that perverted me, New York is the thing that converted me...

It's my little prayer for New York." The city is here less a place than a point of perpetual departure.He wrote all the songs, played all the guitars and even spent some time on bass.

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