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26-May-2018 09:22

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It's when they stop saying it, then you know you're in trouble. It's not getting stale or old from that standpoint.For me, the reason I still enjoy doing this is that I'm meeting a lot of young chefs I probably would never meet.This is such an important city for a lot of reasons, culturally and also commercially. Leading up to it, we’re all really, really excited to be here. How do people relate to you when they recognize you? ’ I say, ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about.’ It’s all part of it.If you think about the amount of goods and stuff that just passes through this port. Forget about the shooting and the season, but just to spend the time here. In New York, when I’m going through my everyday life, I don't get out to see it nearly as much live music as I'd like to. After your years on the show, is it primarily that? If you’re going to put yourself out there and do this, you have to expect that. What do you think it has achieved and can you see doing this indefinitely? It does, because remember, each season feels like it's new because we’re in a different city.The announcement that Bravo’s “Top Chef” would shoot its 11th season in New Orleans came May 10, but word of the show’s arrival to begin production came in host Padma Lakshmi’s May 23 tweet-pic of her plane ticket to Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. A premiere date for the season has not been set, but the past two runs of the show have launched in November. Lakshmi, Colicchio, a pantry-full of top-shelf chefs and the Los Angeles-based production company Magical Elves will spend the next several weeks producing the next season of “Top Chef” in and around the city.It's exposed me to a lot of young chefs who I normally wouldn't be exposed to. When you see the caliber of chefs that come out every season, I think it’s become almost one of those things you check off.

Could you pack any more phallic and other symbols into that publicity still? We don’t have a bunch of chefs who come out of here you won’t hear of again. But for the most part, our alums have gone on to do some pretty great things.

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