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02-Aug-2017 16:29

“It is your responsibility to ensure that nobody is sexually abused at the workplace.” Asserting “zero tolerance against sexual exploitation and violence” the signatories demand that employers, from film companies and theaters to book publishers and Swedish television networks, “stop protecting, hiring and making money on perpetrators” of sexual violence.

A third: "I was 23 years old and laid on a mattress to rest between rehearsals.

Oscar-winning actress Alicia Vikander has put her name to an open letter signed by nearly 600 Swedish actresses calling out sexual abuse in the Swedish film and theater industry. “At a party he followed me into a hotel room, pushed me hard onto the floor, threw himself over me, held me tight and laughed with a dark look in his eyes.

Inspired by the #Me Too movement that sprung up in response to the sexual assault and harassment allegations against disgraced film mogul Harvey Weinstein, the letter calls out the Swedish industry for failing to protect women from sexual abuse and for profiting from the work of known abusers. The thought 'he is going to rape me' ran through my head, but somehow I managed to get him off of me and ran.” “At one of my first jobs, in the theatre elevator, I was pushed up against the wall by an actor in the same production and told to come to his dressing room at three o'clock, otherwise I would not continue working at the theatre,” reads another.

After Katy Perry made headlines for ranking three of her former love interests (Diplo, Mayer and Orlando Bloom) by performance in bed, asked the singer-songwriter his take on coming out with the No. To put it nicely, John simply doesn't have the time to reminisce about their private moments. And while the singer-songwriter says he's in a much better place now, that doesn't mean their relationship doesn't still inspire his music.

He told the mag, "I don't have a cool-enough thought for you. In fact, Mayer's "Still Feel Like Your Man" is about Katy. ""And by the way," he added, "it's a testament to the fact that I have not dated a lot of people in the last five, six years. So it's like, give me this, people."John also said that despite hardly dating since their breakup, he's looking to settle down with a family of his own.

"I wish there was somebody to throw me the 40th," John shared.

"I want the baby with the protective earphones [at my concerts]...

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I don't wanna do it again."As for the pop star, she's willing to jump back in the saddle with her ex-flames.

also begins its headline with Spacey’s coming-out story, although it does mention Rapp’s allegations.

Meanwhile, people on Twitter have critiqued Spacey for using the announcement of his previously private sexuality as a way to rebound from serious allegations of assault.

He sat on top of me and started to massage my back.

He then took out his penis and began to masturbate.One of the conductors came in, asking if he could rub my back.

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