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Around age 30 Courtney was in a conventional marriage, was working in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan after finishing his Ph D at the University of Minnesota in Journalism and Mass Communications.

He was Executive Director of Saskatoon Cablevision Cooperative, which was competing for a cable television license for Saskatoon.

While he was sitting there, wondering what to do, he heard a voice, audible to him, but coming within himself, and it said: "if you want to survive, you will leave your job, resign your position with the Board of Directors.

You will go out into the prairie landscape and photograph buffalo and northern lights."He already had training in photography through his university courses, plus other training he had taken, but had no experience in working as a landscape photographer, although as a boy he had been interested in photography, particularly the beauty of landscapes.

He went to work that day, resigned, and put in his last month at work.He is also a magician, professional speaker, and classically-trained singer.