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But in countries that have conscription, 18 is by far the most common age.Shockingly, however, in many parts of the world, much younger children continue to be forced into both State armies and other armed groups when conflicts break out to kill and be killed.In the United States, each state sets its own age of consent, but all states more or less follow the same trends of reform.Age-of-consent laws were initially codified and enforced to protect white girls aged ten and under from sexual advances (girls were seen as property of their fathers; so the crime was not so much a rights violation as a property violation), and are now gender-neutral.It is generally thought that work that does not violate these conditions can be good for you, and the International Labour Organization Convention says that you should be able to do light work from the age of 13 (or as young as 12 in countries at a lower level of development) as long as it does not interfere with your education.'Child labour' is the term used for work that doesn't meet those standards.What's more, the Convention on the Rights of the Child says you have the right to express those opinions and have them listened to.In particular, you should have your say in decisions that affect you, and your opinions should be given 'due weight' according to your age and maturity.

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There are many ways in which you can get involved and make your voice heard, such as through the media, by joining or setting up school councils and by participating in a local youth parliament, if there is one.The legal age of consent the minimum legal age at which you can decide to have sex with someone varies quite a bit around the world. Remember the ABCs of protection: Abstain from sex or delay the age at which you first have it. Be faithful Have sex with one partner who has been tested so you know he or she is not infected with HIV.To give just a few examples of the heterosexual age of consent: If you are living in some parts of the United States, or in Egypt, it's 18; in Northern Ireland, it's 17; in Namibia, 16; in Sweden, 15; in Canada, 14; in Korea, 13; in Mexico, 12. In some countries, there are also different ages of consent for girls and for boys, and for gay men and lesbians, though in many countries gay and lesbian sex remains illegal. And make sure you are also not infected with the HIV virus.If boys are not categorically harmed by sex with adults as girls, this may have more to do with enculturation than with biology (although boys may underreport abuse because they fear looking weak, feminized).

Another is the ways young people are dependent on others, like teachers and parents: So often, the issues with sex across age difference is not age alone, but the fact that the older person leverages his (and it is usually ) position of authority to secure the sex.Age-of-consent laws are blunt instruments, but the benefits of protecting many minors outweigh the costs of preventing some sex.

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