Monotheistic religions predating judaism

21-Oct-2017 14:53

The holiest temple fires take up to a year to consecrate, and many have been burning for years or even centuries.Visitors to fire temples bring an offering of wood, which is placed in the fire by a masked priest.A person’s goodness determines their ultimate fate after death.Ahura Mazda is strongly associated with both fire and the Sun.

Indo-Iranian religion in Zarathushtra’s time was polytheistic.

Other celebrations include the Gahambar feasts, which are held over five days six times a year as seasonal celebrations.

Each month is attributed to an aspect of nature, as is every day of the month.

Both groups celebrate Zoroaster’s birth on Khodad Sal six days after Nowruz.

Iranians mark Zoroaster’s death on Zarathust No Diso around December 26 while Parsis celebrate it in May.While details are scarce, Zoroaster probably elevated an already existing deity into the role of supreme creator.