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Whilst most of the bombs and shells exploded as intended, some did not.

Ordnance Removal In the closing months of 1945 the US forces removed all remaining and easily accessible Japanese ordnance from the ammunition dumps on Wotje, Mile, Taroa and Jaluit.

(Compiled from: Crowl and Love 1955; Heinl and Crown 1954; USMC nd) Figure 5.

Impact of prolonged aerial bombardment on by-passed atolls. The photo at the left was taken in November 1943 prior to the commencement of long-distance bombardment, the photo on the right six months later in May 1944 (Photo: Heinl and Crown 1954, p.156) Most of this ammunition was either expended during military action or was removed after the war.

Most of these dumps were still substantial at the time of surrender. Although the US apparently took great care of the removal of Japanese ordinance from the major stores, there is still a fair amount of ordinance lying about which is definitely of Japanese origin.

The information about previous ordnance removal operations, concerning themselves with scattered ammunition, however, is very limited.The guns, about 100, including vintage pieces, will be offered by Barry S. at its annual winter sale of military items, beginning at 10 a.m. The flag should sell for about ,000, according to Slosberg associate Brian Lyons.

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