Married looking for sex

11-Aug-2017 09:48

I like making my kids their own breakfast; I’m their mom. He doesn’t have an Uber account — I think it’s because he knows he’d get caught doing bad things if his whereabouts were tracked. An Uber receipt, I bet, would probably show that he’d been out drinking with his friends since 8 p.m. I make my kids eggs and toast while my husband drinks coffee and reads the paper. I do have a nanny, but she doesn’t arrive until after my kids come back from nursery school, 3 p.m. DAY THREE Noon I have never cheated on my husband, but I’ve met up with men, other dads, randoms like Roberto, for datelike experiences. I’m SURE my husband has had sex with other women during our ten years of marriage. Roberto has texted a few times since our dinner but I’ve lost interest. Everyone is in our bed — for tickles, a Disney movie, cuddling. My husband tells me he’s going out East, to the Hamptons for the day. His friend who lives out there year round is not a good guy.

I feel like it’s my own chance to have some fun romantically. I like the life he’s provided for me, but I hate him. Somehow our hatred for each other has reached a place where it works. Nanny, kids, play-date insanity, then time to cook dinner. My husband thought it would be nice to take her out to dinner as a family (no idea how he remembered her birthday). I totally forgot when I asked her to stay late, but today’s our nanny’s birthday. I wonder if he offered to bring the kids just because he knew I’d say no.

He offers to take the kids so I can have a day to myself — but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how that’s a good idea for the kids. It’s kind of like we ignore each other’s existence so much that on some nights, it’s almost like he’s the stranger I get to flirt with.