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When Bodio was 13, his gang of friends checked out some falconry books from the library and got it in their heads to try the ancient sport for themselves.Armed with nothing but yardsticks and badminton netting, they trekked out to Plymouth and managed to capture a pair of kestrels.Helen Macdonald, the author of , his great and moving meditation on love and loss and home.But if Bodio is new to you, then know that the book you are holding is by one of the great modern sportsman-naturalist-writers.” STEPHEN JOSEPH BODIO was born in Boston on March 4, 1950, the oldest of nine children.In the late afternoon, when the heat broke, Stephen Bodio would set aside his day’s writing and wander down the street, and Millie would pour him a chilled vodka double and let him know whether his publisher had called that morning.

Because their house was built on a marsh, he could go down to the basement and find five different species of frog, which he cataloged with loving care.He’s written volumes on pigeons and coursing dogs, both of which have a place in his rambling menagerie.

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