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21-Aug-2017 23:03

But help is at hand - we tell you everything you need to know to make the most of your vacation time next year.

The Freikörperkultur (FKK), or free body culture, in Germany is widespread, as may be particularly noticeable in the summer months.

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Just two months after Facebook found itself in the centre of an international controversy after censoring posts in Norway, the social media giant has banned another prominent Norwegian for posting a photo that included nudity.

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A poll by Expedia in 2016 found that the vast majority (72 percent) of Germans said it was totally fine for people to be partially or completely nude on the beach.

And one in four respondents said they had at least once gone naked on the sand.

So you may still be more likely to observe the movement today in the eastern states than in the west. The saunas in Germany are often co-ed, and also frequently have strict no-clothes policies - meaning no swim shorts inside, and sometimes no towels.

Germans argue that it’s not hygienic to have clothing on, which you might have a hard time believing. SEE ALSO: This is what Germans really think about being naked in the sauna Do: Be polite. On top of mixed gender saunas, you may also be shocked to find some places also have changing areas for both men and women (such as the indoor waterpark resort of Tropical Islands, outside Berlin).

The Nazis cracked down on naked baths and nudist associations, though they eventually relaxed nude bathing bans in remote areas.

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