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For this reason, it’s important to examine the full spectrum of online finance degrees, from the introductory associate credential to the terminal doctorate option.

The following timeline looks at the higher educational journey in its totality, providing a detailed rundown of each step.

With a Ph D in finance it is also possible to pursue a high-level management career as a CEO or CFO in a government or corporate setting.

The path towards a doctorate in finance usually encompasses a thorough study of areas such as asset pricing and portfolio management, corporate finance, international finance and macroeconomics.

During these experiences, students develop the subject matter knowledge and research skills -- such as planning, methodology and design, data collection and analysis -- which are necessary to write a dissertation.

Individuals, businesses and organizations must raise, manage and allocate fund to increase profit and minimize risks.

Not all students will go on to a four-year program.

For these students, some schools offer an Associate of Applied Science in Finance, which is a more occupation-oriented program.

An Associate of Science in Finance degree program helps students develop the basic knowledge and skills to pursue an entry-level finance career.

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Along with the general requirements common to all associate degrees, a finance program provides an introduction to areas such as corporate finance, business law and ethics, investment principles, credit analysis and more.

Information and data from trusted sources remains paramount in the search for quality online finance programs. It also provides a comprehensive guide to the educational opportunities in the field, which outlines degree options, levels, requirements and more.