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21-Jan-2018 04:23

The young woman wearing a sailor-style suit is viciously pushed and pulled around as she is attacked at the hands of a group of marauding girls.The shocking attack is allegedly in cruel revenge for the girl seeing someone else’s boyfriend.Khalifa’s unapologetic choice to use her body to succeed makes people incredibly angry.Her social media account is a testament to just how much hatred she gets on a daily basis.The clip is believed to have been taken in China and has already racked up thousands of views.It comes after similar footage emerged online showing the moment a 15-year-old schoolgirl was stripped and brutally beaten by a gang of girls in Lingao, Hainan province.

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One user wrote this week: "Ur head will be cut soon inshallah". " She recently posted a picture of an Agent Provocateur underwear set, captioned: “After a long day of death threats coming home to my Xmas present to myself turns the entire day around.” The way that Khalifa takes this abuse in her stride - and doesn’t let it affect the way that she lives her life - is inspirational in itself. Despite a paucity of female role models, many people in Lebanon are rejecting Khalifa - a self made business woman who’s so proud of her Lebanese heritage that she has the first line of the national anthem tattooed on her body: that same body on which she bases her whole career.

There were dozens of websites that I learned about that were too lewd to record.