Intimidating nicknames for girls

12-Jun-2018 04:55

If we’re talking about badass women, Mikasa deserves a spot on this list.

After a traumatic experience in childhood and experiencing first-hand the horrors of the giants, Mikasa went from a cheerful child to one of the most skilled soldiers in Attack on Titan.

The people who (forcibly) recruited her may have noticed her potential and have her pilot a robot with almost limitless capabilities. Try calling her Hime with the princess honorific hime. Thankfully she’s got a lot of friends to protect her and even without them, she can fend for herself, is fearless, very skilled in combat, a master at strategic planning and negotiation, and can kill with almost no hesitation. Raised in a clan of assassins, Tokaku is a cold, solitary girl with an almost expressionless face, but is very skilled with knives and she uses them as projectiles or for close quarters combat.

She’s not brimming with anger and yells a lot like the typical hot-blooded type of most super robot shows, but she does look cool when controlling Dancouga Nova, calling out Dancouga’s super moves and generally looking cool while kicking everyone’s ass. Man, she was so badass, it’ll probably make Simon from Gurren Lagann blush with envy. Heck, she doesn’t care if her mansion explodes when fighting her opponents. She is quick, has good spatial awareness, can smell her opponents and can find hidden rooms.

She’s a killer android, well-equipped and at the same time, a capable and loving maid. Unfortunately, she has a limited lifespan because she’s a cyborg.

But thankfully VESPER has given her freedom to do whatever she wants until her batteries ran out. They’re usually the ill-tempered, hot-blooded, the stubborn, who yells a lot, belittles everyone, is a sore loser, has a great sense of justice, and is the one who eventually saves the day.

However we’re not gonna talk about them and badass guys will be another topic for another time.

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She is an excellent combatant able to bring down enemies bigger than her.

She is quick at the draw, can take on a group of samurai warriors, ninjas, or giant beasts, and at the same time (unintentionally) impresses the girls. Part of it is an energy source called “souma” that she accidentally acquired, but the biggest source of her power is her undying love for Hatsumi.

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