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Mike unzipped his pants, pulled out his hard dick, grabbed Kathy by the hair, and said, "Suck it, Kathy." Kathy tried to resist, but eventually pressed her lips against his penis head.Mike thrust up, and his dick slid between Kathy's lips.He never behaved when he came over, he just talked back.Kurt grew up with that same insolent little sneer as his dad, a spoiled upper- middle-class kid. Kurt's house is the one down the street that the beer went into! "Randy, I thought Jeff was with you." "No, he said he was going to Kurt's house." After Kathy hung up the phone, she thought, "Jeff is going to Kurt's house!Kathy tried to protest, but as Kurt's tongue touched her clit, she squealed and spread her legs wide.

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She remembered how angry she was, and yet perplexed at finding that her panties were wet."Jeff's not here, but you can stay." Mike was now behind Kathy. "Her tits look just the way you described them." "Yea that's the way I remember them." So Kurt bragged to the boys about seeing her topless! She looked down to see that her shorts were unzipped and her white panties were exposed.