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We offer a range of expert services to the community including: Sexually transmissible infection (STI) testing and treatment Contracepti...read more SHQ is committed to offering specialised sexual and reproductive health services that are: Affordable – clinic appointments are only Confidential Non judgemental Professional Accessible Our staff: Provide accurate and reliable information about all options available Respect your privacy Feel comfortable dealing with clients of all age...

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The tribunal also heard a forensic scientist testify that a document from an unrelated case, of ‘Ms Y’, had been used as a template to create the ‘Ms D’ notification.There is an emphasis on providing support to Aboriginal people who work in sexual health and to rural and remote workers.The Network shares information online at and via a quarterly newsletter, as well as [&hel...Education for health professionals and community gro...

A senior garda officer has told the Disclosures Tribunal that while he worked in Garda headquarters there were rumours circulating about whistleblower Sgt Maurice Mc Cabe.

Det Supt Walsh said he could not say if there were or were not any discussions with the Commissioner, only that none had taken place in his presence.