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The manager'a aotlon waa In keeping with that generoua spirit that la now In order for the good of vaudeville, but there la a limit to kindness when met by indifference. Filed, divorced and re- married la four days Is the record established by 4dolphus Trilling, prof Osslona Uy known as Theodore Adolphus. three days later he was granted a decree from his wife. •Igtat-people dancing f Ush, prodqo M I br Ar Uiur. In fact they seemed to be In too much of a hurry to get through and even the two or three quick bows taken seemed to. Their billing "Broadway's Adopted Sons" Is to be noticed as somewhat similar to Fay's, which for years has advertised him as the "Favorite Son" of that historic thoroughfare. This can only be done by leaving money and other valuables in the care of their hotels 01^ the theatre managefneat — taking home their instruments or at least locking them in their trunks — and hers let it be said that it is not undignified for aa artist to oarry his "tools of trade." ; Many artists are careless about thisl^ belongings, believing the thea- tre is alone liable for any loss they sustain. The tact that some artists have been reimbursed for losses does not mean that It w M Compulsory upon the manager to meet the loss. a MMa' M SOA hn»it .i '^VARi Brry •I VAUDEVILLE Wednesday, June 3, Wt S mmm salary deduction ON FLASH Aa GETTING 8 t^ Example of Independent Vauderille and How "^t Handles Ac U — ^Management Claims Intufficieikt Number of People in Turn ' *^l« Dancloff sn«inenta," an ''. The boys are hoofers of ability but the only quality in their present offering is speed. VARIETY (Combined) , 178 1B4 24 1 M9 PULA8KI (Ibee) ^,^., 82 W 4 ,.« .823 GREEN (Abel) 31 ^ 4 .. Tyrone Power and his wife, [ccompanled by tlie Rev. AJl the New Jorlt estimates, however, are tentative pending state census figures. Heretofore she has depended on her voice, her dancing and her attrac- tive appearance. Thai falls on al Monday when Whiteman plays the ^Ibee. Cm TICS SCORES 2 192 New Plays Th U Sea MB with 138 Failures ~ 54 Successes — 170 New Shows Last Seasoa, with 114 Failures — Arthur Pol- lock o^ Brookfyn ''Eagle'* Leads Critical Percentages of Rights and Wrongs with .753 — Percy Hanunond Leader of Reriewers on Morning Papers in New York — Bums Mantle's Most Rights, 88 — Jack Pulaski Again Tops Variety's Own Critical Staff with Exact Percentage of Last Year. CRITICS WITH EDGE Ashes on Water Los Angeles, June 2. Ifanhat^air borough Is given as In excess of ^,267,000 with Brooklyn mnn Jng close to this.flerure with over ^- S35.0QO. Bal- timore aij4 Boston, with the first ' named totaling 796,206 and the lat- ter 783,1 je. Louis exceeds both Baltimore and Boston, the middle west city h&vtog 821,648, and Cleve- land tops a U of these w Uh 936,i86. 5«st across the bay, having 263i700; New Orleans with Its 414,498 is topped t Df Newark, H. Washington' has' • tax Areaised' fk-om 460,000 to to'eettau Ovd popn Utton of 497,908. With a naturally pleasing voice, an excellent figure and a pretty pair of legs, not to mention extreme regularity of features, she is indeed comely, but in addition Is rapidly developing as an actress. In evening clothes, singing character songs in a very pleasing rttltfe.

Codov and Orth are one of the very few American acts of the present season who have made a, bjlg enough succe^ to remain here all year.

WHITEMAN PARK CONCERTS Seriee ^^e in Central Park — Open Air Performances New open Park Naum Huntington, W. Hylarf which Philip Berolzheimer, the qty Chfemberlain, arranged for the waldorf-Aiitaria on June 8, will have/ to le passed up. Journeyed (b a spot some distance oft Jatallna Island here, and, fol- lowing a short funeral sermon, icatter OW Ua V a population of «.103,'384. As Miss Ward has been a recognised star in England for the past few years and is regarded as the p^e- miere "principal boy" In pantomime, It is a rather paradoxical state- ment to suggest she is only at the beginning of a brilliant histrtonlo career.

After reading a few of the paragraphs, pretty traditionally masculine statements began to emerge: “In case you have dated women from other parts of Asia, you know that self-reliant women are rarer than diamonds,” and “There’s one thing you need to know about Vietnamese culture and I bet my ass that you like it.… continue reading »

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The UK Government's response to Hurricane Irma in British overseas territories has been branded "absolutely pathetic." Dorothea Hodge, the former UK EU representative for the government of the Caribbean island of Anguilla, said the UK should invest in long-term reconstruction to help the island community.… continue reading »

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